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Mimushi are handcrafted, wooden figurines that bring the vinyl style to a different material. Although they have similarities, they are all one-of-a-kind. Due to the intensive process, they're only 119 pieces produced for Series 1. These eco-friendly figures use all natural materials - such as wheat straw - to create a unique collectible.


Mimushi is a 3-year-old character imported somewhere from Asia who was adopted by parents who up until now are unaware of his multiple, -and ever multiplying- personalities. So far he has only exteriorly experienced his many facets (in vinyl), but this new series is the most haunting of all: the Dauntless Gatekeepers. This squadron of fearless sumo warriors lives in his brain, opening and closing the doors between his endless embodiments. They choose who to let out and who to let in. They hold part of the key that might one day set him free.

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