12 T4_John Connor (Final Battle) 4 T4_John Connor (Final Battle)

Hot Toys' MMS 111 is the Terminator Salvation: 1/6th scale John Connor collectible figure (Final Battle Version). The piece features over 36 points of articulation, a high quality head sculpture (by Kojun) with battle damaged face, perfect painting (by JC Hong) and an authentic Christian Bale likeness.

The highly detailed collectible also comes with the following full gear and weapons:

Uniform: Field jacket, Pants, T-shirt, Tactical belt, Tactical vest, Backpack

Accessories: Headset, Radio with pouch, Pistol Magazine pouch, Shoulder pad, Drop leg panels, Grenades with holder, Armband, Tactical gloves, Assault boots, Battle-damaged endoskeleton featured base, Hydrobot with light up function

Weapons: HK416 with tactical red dot sight, M203 grenade launcher with elastic sling, Pistol with holster

13 T4_John Connor (Final Battle) 17 T4_John Connor (Final Battle)

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