Bryan from Paper Foldables has posted installment #04 of his
Hipster-of-the-Month Series that he's been working on for The Hipster With the
Skinny Jeans
...because hipsters like standing out by dressing alike.

Dress code
usually include the SKINNY JEANS (or cut-off jean shorts) base,
accessorized with tight loud chic shirts (anything with snap buttons
are cool), sweatbands, Rachel Ray terror scarf, mustache, trucker hat,
tattoos, vintage sunglasses, etc... anything "ironic" (like rain on
your wedding day). I live in Brooklyn, so hipster poseurs are
unavoidable. I saw a guy wearing a John Deere hat (a popular item) the
other day, the irony being he's probably never done yard work (now
you're getting it!). That gave me the idea to put some irony ON the
irony and make it into a "Dear John" hat! "Dear John" was a TV show in
the 80's starring Judd Hirsch, who replaces the deer in the logo on the
hat. I thought it was clever. I spent about a half a day working up the
illustration of Judd Hirsch's face, only to shrink it down to a
quarter-inch for a joke nobody will get. I think it's worth it!


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