Follow The White Rabbit is our choice for our Etsy Wednesday shop of the week. Showing off the plush artwork of Emily Beaulieu, these handmade plush deer, dolls and rabbits can be best explained by the artist.

My name is Emily, and I hand sew plush toys from my own designs. I make
woodland animals, dark creatures and frilly heroines. I'm an Animator,
and have worked on movies, TV shows and commercials. I've been creating
art since I could hold a pencil, but sewing is fairly new to me. I love
creating 3 dimensional objects out of 2 dimensional materials. My Etsy
shop's name: "Follow The White Rabbit" is a nod to one of my favourite
stories: "Alice's Adventures In Wonderland". When Alice followed the
White Rabbit down the rabbit hole, she discovered Wonderland, a place
where everything is curious, creative, and spontaneous, and filled with
strange and wonderful creatures. 🙂

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