I'm a huge fan of Dexter. Read the books. Watch the show. And I'm excited for Season 4 to premiere on September 27th on Showtime. To help promote the new season...they've put together a fun little stop motion clip featuring the Dexter action figure from Bif Bang Pow!

I own the original and the SDCC Exclusive Dexter figures. I have to say that the sculpting on these figures is rather poor (to put it nicely). The face sculpt looks like Michael C. Hall after 10 rounds of Botox. Tha articulation is just awful. The shoulders are too big for the shoulder joints, so you can't really move the arms except for up and down.

I think I heard George from Toy Break use the word terrible three times in a minute when describing the figure. And Michael C. Hall gave it a less than glowing review in an interview he did, saying "it looks as much like me as my little Han Solo figure looked like Harrison Ford". Nonetheless...it's the only Dexter  action figure out there. So if you're a fan, you might as well cave in and buy one.

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