Speakerdog Paper Toys Series 6 has now launched. With 66 designs by 64
artists from all over the world, Speakerdog Paper Toys are free to
download, easy to cut and paste and wonderful for all.

Artists include:

17C, Alejandra Barahona, Alex Mathers, Allison Bamcat, Brian Colin, Bubblefriends, Bunny, C86, Carlos Araujo, Mr Mr, Claire Hartley, Creature Kebab, David Barneda, Delme, El Mostro, Fersho Zombie, Four Yip, Fredrik Fottland, Gareth Axford, Guillain Le Vilain, Hanna Thoren, HAO, Happy Monkey Shoes, Jack Hankins, Jason Harlan, Jamie Smart, Jeffrey Bowman, Jon Paul Kaiser, Jon Raffe, Jumbola, Katari, Mz. Kat-ii, Kev Munday, Lisa Hassell, LOop Paper Toys, Macintoy, Mary Iverson, Matthew Dent, The Meek Shall, Matucha, Mimic, Moopf, Morgan Gleave, Nick Knite, Olive 47, Papermate, Ph7labs, Podgypanda, pYus cHan, Salt n Paper, Shantell Martin, Stephen Chan, Sundeep Toor, Sweaty Eskimo, Timothy Banks, Tougui, Ve Lacerda, Vincent Perea, Wesley Eggebrecht, WHO, Yahid Rodríguez, Yee Ting Kuit and Yukinao Takashima.

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