Feed the Beast's new project is called Mugo - Music on the Go. Expected to drop in mid-October, Mugo is a flash based MP3 Player and storage drive. A limited edition designer MP3 player and collectible toy, Mugo features designers from around the world including Julie West, Shin Tanaka, Tougui, Yup, Pulco Mayo and a mystery designer. With a 4GB Hi-Speed USB drive, Mugo can store photos, videos, data or up to 1,000 songs. 

These are currently selling for a pre-order price of $39.99. A steal - I say! And since my iPod Touch just went kaput...I might need to pick up a Yeti Mugo.


Mugo are a shy race of creatures. They are highly individualized – sometimes timid and resourceful, sometimes mischievous, but always on the cutting edge. Mugo are born with a natural gift for music, art and culture. They store knowledge. They inspire. You may not know it, but Mugo have been here all along, living in the background of your pictures, riding the wavelengths of your favorite songs. Until recently they felt too awkward to allow themselves to be seen, but they have grown more comfortable with themselves, and so they are coming out of the shadows and into you heart.

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