Bryan from Paper Foldables has released his third installment in the
Hipster-of-the-Month series for - Gutter Punk
Crusty Bank
. The design, which you can download for free at the above link, is described by the artist as follows:

I guess Williamsburg, Brooklyn is being overrun with
these gross homeless punks who annoy people by panhandling for beer
change and squat in various buildings. This is probably the most
nauseating research time I've ever spent... track marks, tattoos,
piercings, those tight plaid punk pants... ecch. I designed this punk
to act as a bank too! So instead of giving your hard earned change from
your iced coffee to a punk, save it in your very own Gutter Punk Crusty
Bank! The coin slit in the punk's mouth is big enough to fit a quarter,
so don't go and try forcing a half dollar down his throat or he'll
choke. I had a fun time thinking up silly tattoos and patches. For
example, I thought it would be funny that a punk would spend time cross
stitching a Norman Rockwell picture and you can also find a nice "Shaq
Fu" patch on the jacket! How counterculture is that?!


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