Circus Posterus and Chris Ryniak will be releasing the Freyja resin figure at Dragon-Con this September 4th through 7th in Atlanta, GA. Chris describes his character as follows:

“Long before the civilization of
and the natural world thrived. With an uncompromising power to create,
destroy and re-grow to fit the needs of its self-sustaining planet,
nature was a perfect machine, billions of years in the making. Freyja
is the embodiment of that power that many have grown to ignore to
pursue the cerebral endeavors of humanity. Protector and custodian of
the flora and fauna that continues to flourish while the world of man
inches toward extinction. Freya waits patiently until the day when the
world is balanced once again.”

The 7" tall figure was sculpted by Ryniak, handcast by Mana Studios in siltec resin, hand painted,
signed and numbered by Chris. The Dragon-Con debut colorway will be a limited edition of 40 pieces and retail for $85. Man...I now wish I was going to Atlanta in September.


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