Bryan from Paper Foldables has dropped his latest Kid Niki foldable - the 06 boss - Samurai Guard. It's now available for downloading via the previous link. And here's what Bryan has to say about the newest addition to this series.

Got just one more
boss to go and then I'm all done with the series! I guess I have to
make the Kid himself tho. The Kid Niki Paper Foldables aren't exactly
the most popular downloads on my site... maybe no one remembers the
game? Maybe it was too obscure? Or maybe they just suck? I hope not...
I like 'em and this is more of a personal project than anything.
Anyway, Samurai Guard! He guards the gate at the castle Kid Niki needs
to get to so he can save his girlfriend from The Stone Wizard. He is an
ominous being who hovers over the radical ninja. I always used to think
he was a robot. He's rather SLOW and mechanical in his movements, but
bust him in the kneecap and he'll drop his weapon thing and then go in
for the kill! Awesome! Be patient, you can do it Kid!

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