MINDstyle Blog 2

MINDstyle's limited edition 2nd Anniversary Box Set
will be released exclusively at SDCC '09 and direct to ATS
members.  The Box Set, which includes glossy black and white versions of 5 figures, is limited to 200 sets worldwide. Look for it to retail for $130.

MINDstyle's Buff Monster 3" series figure by Buff Monster
MINDstyle's Popaganda Circus Sideshow series - Mask Mouse Murphy mini figure by Ron English
MINDstyle's Scavengers series - Two Faced Hazel mini figure by Kathie Olivas
MINDstyle's Serv-O-Matics series - Slap Happy mini figure by Brandt Peters
Mechtorians series mini figure by Doktor A  (Note: The set comes with
one of six randomly packed Doktor A Mechtorians series mini figures.)