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Color Ink Book will be sporting ten plus exclusives at this year's San Diego Comic Con. The release of Volume Four (three weeks before its street date) will boast five SDCC 09 exclusive covers (JFish, Jermaine Rogers, Jim Mahfood (AKA Food One), Nathan Fox and Tado) in addition to the Joe Ledbetter street cover. Starting on Wednesday night, one cover will be available for sale each day - limited to 30 copies. Volume Four features works from Joe Ledbetter, Brian Ewing, Nathan Fox, Aya Kakeda, Jim Mahfood (AKA Food One), Tado, KozynDan, Jermaine Rogers, Boo Cook and many more.

Jim-mahfood-food-one-foodone-color-ink-book Nathan-fox-color-ink-book Tado-color-ink-book

In addition to the variant covers, Color Ink Book has paired up with Steff Bomb of I Make Monsters fame, to create 25 10” tall handcrafted plush dolls of their Rayola character. They have also teamed up with JFish of Studio JFish to create a GID zipper pull named Skeleton Rayola (sculpted by David Arshawsky) - limited to 50 pieces. If that wasn’t enough there will be three new tee shirts designed by Big Money Rodan, JFish and Jim Mahfood (AKA Food One) as well as a few exclusive prints by Matt Datchuk and Nathan Fox.

Crayola-skeleton-1 Steff-bomb-Rayola Jim-Mahfood-tee

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