In what is probably the first case of an urban vinyl character getting his or her own line of coffee, Deady, that evil teddy bear immortalized in vinyl by Toy2R, now has a flavored java of his own. Made by Coffee Shop of Horrors - Deady's Necroberry Darkness "is a rich, delicious coffee infused with the very essence of necroberries and darkness!" Necroberries are "imported from Deady's home world, the cemetery planet of Necronus". In other words...necroberries taste like raspberries and darkness tastes like hazelnut. It sounds good...if you like coffee.

The art on the package was drawn by Voltaire, Deady's creator. The coffee, which comes in half-pound bags, sells for $9.99 and is available on the Coffee Shop of Horrors website (link above) as well as at Voltaire's web store. Apparently, drinking lots of his own coffee and consuming inordinate amounts of caffeine has paid off for Deady...who will see a handful of new vinyl toy releases before the end of the year.

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