Upper Playground has unveiled the newest in a series of
vinyl figures slated for release in 2009 – Dragon Boy designed by Sam
. Known for his signature characters and fusing them with Asian
motifs, Flores’ Dragon Boy fuses his influences in this new
groundbreaking figure.  “I've been traveling [to]…a lot of places in
Asia; I pick up a lot of things, styles and aesthetics. I'm infatuated
with the beauty and architecture…the lines and attention to detail of
everything.” (Interview with Modart).


The Dragon Boy is made up
of 3 pieces creating the illusion of the dragon floating through the
clouds.  The figure measures 10” tall and the head, midsection and tail
feature extremely detailed gradient blends.  Dragon Boy will
come housed in a double-sided window box with a scenic insert card. 
Limited to 500 units, Dragon Boy is slated to release in early
September but is currently available for presale via the Upper Playground web store.


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