In addition to the previously announced Darth Maul design, Mimoco has announced the fourth series of their popular Star Wars MIMOBOT USB devices will also include a re-imagining of the original MIMOBOT series' centerpiece - Darth Vader.

The new Darth Vader Unmasked MIMOBOT features a removable helmet, underneath which lurks the scarred countenance of Anakin Skywalker, as played by Hayden Christensen. For added excitement, one in six Darth Vader MIMOBOT drives will unveil "chase" variants of Anakin's face from Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi - older, paler and at peace, having come to terms with his estranged son Luke.

Completing the cycle later this summer as a San Diego Comic Con exclusive, Mimoco will release a third, limited-edition version of Darth Vader Unmasked. When the helmet is removed, the unmasked visage will be the face of Luke Skywalker, as Luke imagined himself on Dagobah in Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. Only 500 Darth Vader Unmasked Luke Skywalker MIMOBOT drives will be produced and they will only be available at Mimoco's Comic Con booth #2913 in the STAR WARS Pavilion on July 22 - 26.

Rounding out Star Wars MIMOBOT Series 4 is one of the stand-outs from Lucasfilm Animation's Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated television series. Clone Captain Rex - leader of the 501st Clone Trooper Legion's Torrent Company and Anakin Skywalker's right-hand officer - has quickly become a fan favorite due to his prominence in the series, which airs on Cartoon Network. When removed, Rex's MIMOBOT trooper helmet reveals the gruff but good-natured Captain's scowling face beneath.

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