Bryan from Paper Foldables - in conjunction with the Free Williamsburg website - has revealed the second hipster foldable - Hyp Kyp Malone (the guy from TV on
the Radio
). You can download the template from the above links and queue up Dear Science.

Here's what the artist has to say about the project:

hipster beard, afro, and vintage wardrobe makes Kyp a shoe-in for Paper
Foldable immortalization! I always like to try and make my foldables as
01 single template, but I had to separate the head from the rest of the
body for max afro goodness... this allows for a sort of bobble head
effect. Went thru several variations on the glasses, but finally opted
for the simple final version so it's easier for you to cut-out. I also
try and make these foldables simple enough for you to cut out, so you
don't hate me. Hyp Kyp stands just over 04 inches tall and is great for
fans of both hipsters and TV on the Radio.


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