The newest creation from Erick Scarecrow is the LVL 9999 Papa Sama Chocolate Edition - Japan Exclusive. This colorway will be limited to only 16 pieces and only available via The figure will be released tomorrow (May 31st), so get your mouse clicking finger ready.

For more information on the background of the Papa Sama character, check out Erick's explanation:

Papa Sama is actually based on a real dog I used to have for 19 years
named Mikey. He was such a good dog. He was a mixed breed Maltese,
smart, strong and very tough. He didn't like other dogs, hated getting
haircuts, he got along with alley cats, ate cheese and spent alot of
time sleeping in my family coat closet. When he was in the closet we
would go to try and play with him but he used to growl as if he wanted
to be alone. Then come out when he was ready to play. His behavior was
so strange. As if he was an old man trapped inside a dog body.

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