Zune Originals, the online customization
store that lets people personalize Zune players with detailed engraved
artwork, is releasing a new collection of designs that select artists
created to celebrate spring. The Spring Collection features designs
from three artists - APAK, Carolina Melis and Linn Olofsdotter - and will
only be available via the above link.

Artists in the collection include:

- this
Portland-based husband and wife duo create colorful paintings that
explore the beauty, mystery and magic of life through adventures of
curious creatures living in utopian environments. Their tree-like
design is featured on the pink device above; their celebration of
nature, creativity, music, love and the gift of time.

Carolina Melis
an Italian-born illustrator whose artwork explores concepts of life
cycles and relationships, with a subtle hint of romance. Carolina
created the tapestry-like design featuring birds on the green device below.

Linn Olofsdotter

- an illustrator whose art is described as emotional and surreal
created the colorful Queen Bee matriarch by digitally combining
hand-drawn images with other elements and textures. Linn's design is
shown on the blue device above.


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