Leecifer sent us photos of several of his "It Came From Skullbrain" show custom pieces.  Lee curated the show, which opened yesterday. No wonder they chose him...check out these amazing customs!

"Black Lagoon Boy" (Green Mummy Boy), "Grape Biscuits"
(Grape Ape/Purple Gorilla Biscuits), "Magilla Biscuits" (Magilla
Gorilla brown Gorilla Biscuits), and Rebel Lame' (Rebel Ink w/ white

BlkLagoonBoyfrnt BlkLagoonBoybck GrapeApeGBSsfrnt GrapeApeGBSsback MagillaGBSsfrnt MagillaGBSsback RebelLamefrnt RebelLameback

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