Hot Toys will continue to take our money. But it's all good. They have announced the release of a new 1/6 scale collectible figure based on The Joker from The Dark Knight. This new version comes with a set of outfits that includes:

  • Outfit: Gotham City police suit, hat, Gotham City cop badge and shoes
  • Weapons: M1 Garand Rifle
  • Additional Outfit: Improved and movie-accurate Joker costume of an overcoat, sport coat, vest, shirt, tie, pants, belt, socks and shoes, with grenades rig and suspenders
  • Additional Weapons: Five grenades, knife, pistol and Joker cards
  • Accessories: Seven Interchangeable posing hands, an interchangeable (with new make-up) Joker head featuring the Parallel Eyeball Rolling System (PERS) and Translucent Iris, deluxe figure stand with LED lights

With this release, Hot Toys has revealed their new Parallel Eyeball Rolling System.

PERS is a brand new technique applied to Hot Toys MMS DX figures. It includes uniquely designed eyeballs with colored translucent irises, and a simultaneous positionable eyeball function that allows the eyes to work in all direction - as natural as human eyes. I can't wait to see this in person.


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