A 5" tall resin toy designed and produced at his home in Norway with the help of a rapid prototyping machine in Los Angeles, DEINOS is a resin toy project by Bard Vandal (aka. HelloBard).

The story of Deinos:
Aeons ago, from the light of the ever-glowing sphere came a dragon roaring and breathing fire. Those that saw this remarkable view were wtinessing the rebirth of Deinos. A creature older than the the universe, an eternal spirit of good luck and happiness for those lucky enough to be in its presence. With only one day to spend before returning to the aether, he spent his time wisely and decided to make sure he was remembered until his next rebirth in 1000 years. Deinos possessed the body of Bard for 24 hours and made him create a line of resin art toys in his image. The owners of these toys would gain life of complete happiness and good luck, as well a a rocking toy for their collection.


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