5 Goemon Ishikawa

Hot Toys' has released information about their 1/6th scale Goemon Ishikawa collectible figure stands approximately 31cm tall and features:

  • Hot Toys 12-inch figure body with over 32 points of articulation
  • Highly detailed head sculpture with authentic likeness of Yosuke Eguchi as Goemon Ishikawa
  • Dressed in his movie-accurate costume of removable waistcoat with fur and leather-like belt, sleeveless jacket in red color, patterned shirt, grey pants and boots

Accessories include:

  • “Tenka” sword with scabbard
  • Smoking pipe
  • Treasure Box
  • Map
  • Signature paper with the Goemon sign
  • Hanzo’s Shuriken star (Throwing knife)
  • Kunai Knife
  • 12-inch figure stand with Goemon nameplate

2 Goemon Ishikawa
8 Goemon Ishikawa

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