is an exhibit that showcases plush creations of more than 50
artists from all over the globe at Ruben Rat (Australia). This is the first show of what will
hopefully become an annual event. The premise is that a select group of
artists are to put together a plush toy using a template provided as
the basis.

Artists involved
Paper Crane,  Jenny Harada,  CatRabbit, Jamous, Cuddly Rigor Mortis,
Steff Bomb, Spok Spok, Beck Wheeler, Bytedust, Spooky Daddy,  Violet
pie, Natasha Fialokov,  Marianne Roos, Loulou and Tummie, Lynette May,
Dogbone Art, Erin Lynch, Bee Harris, Sarah Day, Nerderella, Bridget
Read, Nervous Onion, Golden Russet, Eulalia Mejia, Cafaknitted, Creepy
mouse toys, Alison Greiner, Eloole, Onno and Sylvia, Frocoli, Mariska
fluffels, Jared Deal, Gabby Nathan, Laura Clempson, Andricon Girl,
Skull Boy, Michael Wright, Adam Arber, One Red Robin, Sappy Moose Tree,
Monster Monsters, Geek freaks, Robyn Fabsits, John Knox, Bony Bunz,
Jake Henzler, Syl Hillier, Tim Wolff, John Murphy, Fing Toys, Marita
Albers and Serena Kuhl

The show runs from November 12 through December 3, with the opening taking place on November 12th beginning at 7PM.



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