Plastic Chapel teamed up with the design team Cypher13 to host the Soft and Furry show.  They sent out handmade DIY blanks to US, international and local (Denver) artists. And you can actually purchase many of the displayed customs at a special website.

List of featured artists: DeadVolt, DGPH, Hellohikimori, ILK, Galaxy Bunch, Morten Andersen, StupidLove, Tilt, TOKO, Pulco Mayo, PHU!, Via Grafik, Zeptonn, Adam Haynes, Celeste Prevost, Dave Franzese, Dookie-Poo, Eighthourday, Grant Gilliland, Travis Stearns, Lifter Baron, Mike HYP, Sketchbot, Toothjuice, Alvin Gregorio, Amanda Marie, Brian Krezel, Chris Ericson, Chris McNally, cypher13, Plastic Chapel, Derek Friday, Jason Thielke, John Fellows, Joseph Shaeffer, Josh Holland, Josh Wills, Kristian Kluver, Kris Fry, Magnet Mafia, Markham Maes, Matthew Doubek, Mike Graves, Oscar Woodruff, Regan Rosburg, Scot Lefavor, Shannon Bonatakis, Rafa Jenn, Ray Young Chu and others.



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