If you tuned in to HBO for the first episode of Little Britain USA, you were probably entertained.  The sketch show had more hits than misses in its initial thirty-minute episode for US audiences.  And while it often goes for lowest common denominator humor, sometimes that’s the funniest.

In an attempt to get the word out about the show, HBO, Cornerstone Promotion and Mimoco teamed up to produce a set of Little Britain USA Mimobots.  The Vicky Pollard, which we’re looking at, and Carol Beer Mimobots are not for sale.  They are only available to collectors through contests (like the one we’re running) or if you know someone who works for HBO.  They each are limited to runs of 4,000 pieces.



Each Little Britain USA Mimobot comes pre-loaded with a number of video clips from the show.  Plenty of them were not included on the first episode.

And while we’re not sure who the artist responsible for the designs is, they did a pretty good job recreating the characters with an illustrated cartoon-like look.  So this review is a little different from usual, because you can’t really buy these anywhere (although I did find a few on good ol’ eBay).  But you can go ahead and enter our contest and win them for free!



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