Noxious Fumes


The Noxious Fumes exhibition at Rivet Gallery will feature
a varied array of both
exquisite artistic techniques and visions from some of the most cutting
edge underground artists inspired by the show's theme of the
gas mask.

The event includes a mixture of local,
national, and international artists:

Annie Owens, Andy Clarkson, Brian M Viveros, Chet Zar, Chris Peters, Clint Carney, Davey Wong,
Doktor A, Todd Cameron, Kathie Olivas, Louis Fleischauer, Megan Green, UNKL,
Tin, Samuel Stimpert, Steve Cvinar, Terribly Odd.

The exhibition will be on display from October 4 through October 29th,
with the opening reception to be held from 7PM through 10PM on the 4th. 

1200 N. High St.
Columbus, Ohio 43201


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