Or something like that.  Here's a silly story that was posted on The Consumerist in December of 2007.  Actually, it's not silly.  It talks about how there were 22 deaths and over 200,000 injuries attributed to toys in 2006.  Serious stuff, especially for parents of young kids.

However, they used the above image (actually entitled toys_should_not_kill_children.jpg) as a part of the article.  Never do they say a Dunny or a Sun-Min + David toy was responsible for killing a child.  But if you put that photo next to an article about toys killing kids, one would only assume that this toy is responsible for some bodily harm to a child.  But it's not!

Maybe the editor liked the look of the toy...?  But it's essentially the same as writing an article about a child molester and then posting a photo of a random guy you found on the internet (renaming that photo evil_molester.jpg) without concern for his reputation.

If you're angered, outraged, disappointed in these toys being incorrectly associated with injuring kids...shoot an email and ask him to replace or delete the photo.

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