SOFT&FURRY™  is a line of three different characters (DOO, LOOFT and GROOND) that was designed and produced by cypher13.  All of the figures have been produced by hand, from sculpt, to mold to casting.  The line is dropping on September 13th at Plastic Chapel in Colorado.  The release will include a custom show of SOFT&FURRY™ toys from all over the world as well as cypher13's mini line.

The international artist list includes:

Dave White (United Kingdom), DeadVolt (Denmark), DGPH (Argentina), HelloHikimori (France), ILK (France), JamFactory (United Kingdom), Michael Kwong (Hong Kong), Morten Andersen (Denmark), StupidLove (Argentina), Tilt (Germany), Toko (Australia), Pulco Mayo (France), PHU! (Singapore), Via Grafik (Germany), Zeptonn (Netherlands)


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