The Crazy 4 Cult
show opens at G1988: LA on August 22nd, with an opening reception taking place from 7PM until 11PM.  We have a sneak-peek at the insane one-of-a-kind
handmade plush by artist Jen Rarey. Fans of Office Space will love the plush Milton, who has his silk tie (with
a stain in the same spot the character has in the film), an
Initech name badge and a removable red stapler (is it a Swingline?).

This plush, along with over 100
other pieces based on classic cult films, will first be displayed at the opening reception, which will be hosted
by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier (yeah...that's Jay and Silent Bob). We're looking forward to the trio of Big Lebowski plushies from Monstery Factory (to be unveiled Friday night).

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