Meet Hairy Eye Guy and Bee PandaAttaboy is making his Neighborwood Customs available to collectors.  Each piece is hand painted by the artist and includes a beautiful elaborately hand painted display box.  Each Wooden figure is two sided and and uses the Neighborwood figures (designed  by Mike Burnett) as the base for the custom.  Attaboy explains the project as follows:

"It's time art toys focused back on the art. Platform toys are fun, but Mike Burnett's Neighborwood figs are empowering. The wood boxes themselves are the sweetest thing I've painted on.  I haven't had this much fun painting in, well.. ever!  And the figures even smell great and are made from actual tree guts, which everyone knows is much better for the polar bears.   I'm happy to hand paint a line of these Neighborwoods, in fact I've painted three, but I sorta can't stop.....*cough* help!"