Wheaty Wheat is leaving LA for greener pastures.  They are heading off to the East Coast - kinda, sorta - to set up shop.   The Studio will be closing down from July 18th until August 11th 2008.   Don’t worry if you need to get a hold of them, they'll still be able to receive emails, during the move.

When Wheaty Wheat Studios re-opens in its new location it will be a brand new cat!   With lots of changes from the sales to distribution, new faces and much, much more!   They will be unleashing “Wheaty Wheat Girl Power” from their new location: including Violet by Kathie Olivas and Phallic Mammary and friends by PM.

Available Now:

Dolly “The Happy Pill” by Med Fed


Sideshow Collectibles Exclusive: Black w/ GID exclusive limited to 84 units.
Tainted Visions Exclusive: Gray limited to 150 units
Standard Dolly: limited to 504 units
Red variant: limited 204 units.

Finishing Production:

Space Crab by Pixelfillu - Available Soon


Buckeye Rot by Sket One - Available Soon


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