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MixtART Mobile Wallpaper


While I'm not really into mobile wallpaper for my cellphone...I know plenty of people are.  Why else would the internet be inundated with so many ads...?  MixtART is working with several artists from the designer toy arena, including Patrick Ma, Jon Burgerman and Alex Pardee to give you options other than those that come pre-loaded with your phone.  I'm guessing these are compatible with my Zack Morris phone.

Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition


Following the success of the Seamour Sheep Illuminative Edition, Crazy Label and Sevensheaven have announced the release of Seamour Sheep Radioactive Edition.  This version (500 pieces) features an atmospheric green LED lighting, a cool radioactivity warning sign on his side, black goggles and has a motion sensor controlled power switch.  Lie him down on his side and he shuts off!  Look for them to retail around $70 each.

Welcome Puglee


The newest Uglydoll looks a little bit like a pig, but I don't think she has a corkscrew tail.   Remember all of that talk about how Uglydolls were only for boys and they only had boy characters?   Not so fast!  Puglee is 100% girl.  And should now be available at your favorite shop...unless your favorite shop is a supermarket...then maybe you could pick up some bread and milk.  Thanks!


Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys


Now Available at Frozen Empire Toys:

The Simpsons 3.5" Baby Rosebud Bear Qee (Worn Version) by Toy2r - $12.50
The Simpsons 3.5" Baby Rosebud Bear Qee (New Version) by Toy2r - $12.50
2.5" Mini Bomb Series by Frank Kozik / Toy2r - Blind Box - $4.95 each
HazMaPo Fallen Series – Complete Set of 3 by Unklbrand - $59.95
8” Domo – Flocked Classic Brown by Dark Horse Deluxe - $34.95
8” GID Murder Dr. Bomb by Frank Kozik / Toy2r - $64.00
6" Baseball Fury Evil Ape by MCA / Toy2r - $29.95
Big Bob Slug by Frank Kozik / Kidrobot - $29.95
Green ULLIGUS H60 by Unklbrand - $40.00
6" Panda Evil Ape by MCA / Toy2r - $36.50
Green SUG H60 by Unklbrand - $77.50
Green MaK.Po by Unklbrand - $145.00

Coming Soon:

KFGU - Clear Gold Gamerita by Joe Ledbetter / Intheyellow

KFGU - GID Sad Mecha Bear by Luke Chueh / Intheyellow

KFGU - Mono Hammerhead by Joe Ledbetter / Intheyellow

KFGU - Clear Glitter Magman by Touma / Wonderwall

Dolly – Standard Edition by Medfed / Wheaty Wheat

BUKA Series 2 - Chinese Series by Adfunture

Gama-Go Undertaker Deathbot by Ningyoushi

KFGU - GID Gablin by Touma / Wonderwall

Black Bean Dr. Destruction by Muttpop

3.5" DIY Teddy Troop by Adfunture

Skllbuds 1.8 & 1.9 by Jamungo

Keep an eye on the site for frequent updates!

New Plush From Doma


Doma has introduced six new plushies for collectors of the Argentinian-based designer collective.  Above are the Vs. Bones and Dr. ILL.  While below, we have the Vs. Skeleton and Stupid Tank (row 1) and Body Parts and Oil Barrel (row 2).  Is it me, or does the Oil Barrel look a little like a Kozik piece?


SDCC 2008: MINDstyle


While MINDstyle had a number of vinyl pieces in their glass display cases, we were looking for Jim Henson's Fraggle Rock figures.  There were only mini figures (no larger vinyl pieces), but it's still something.


And there were a number of mini figure lines from artists like Cameron Tiede, Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Doktor A and MAD.  One of the silliest pieces is pictured above.  If you thought you had a tough time convincing the wife to let you buy a kaiju or robot figure...imagine the conversation that'll take place when you ask about a rabbit looking at bare boobs.



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