If you were alive in the 80’s, you probably remember what handheld video gaming was like.  Before the revolutionary GameBoy…we had mini arcade games (they only featured one title) that weren’t that mini and had an iPod nano sized screen.

Erick Scarecrow and ESC-Toy decided that we needed to relive those memories when they created their Soopa Coin-Up Bros. vinyl figure.  This DIY piece has already spawned a custom show in NYC and been released in several different colors.




The Soopa package is pretty run-of-the-mill.  The letters in the name (on the front and side) are actually cut outs containing plastic windowpanes.  The actual figure is packaged in a dual plastic tray.


The Figure

The Soopa Coin-Up Bros. rotocast vinyl figure stands approximately 7” in height and has zero points of articulation.  Each figure comes with a sticker pack that will allow you to “design a screen, marquee, and wrapping cabinet art”.  You can place the stickers on the vinyl or prime it and go crazy.  And the center controller console is removable for added customization options.  Also, there are 100 Soopa Coins randomly placed that will allow you to receive a special rare collectible.


Our Opinion

When it comes to custom and DIY pieces, the Soopa Coin-Up Bros. figure is near the top of our favorites list.  With an obvious nod to 80’s video gaming (in design and name), the piece should appeal to a large demographic of vinyl collectors.

Overlooking some of the quality issues – ours was “sweating” some ooze - might be easier because you’ll probably be priming and customizing this figure anyway.

But what we really would like to see is a licensed line of these little arcade vinyls.  While you could put in some time and effort creating your favorite arcade game (Burgertime, anyone?), I’d rather just pay for a professionally done one.

You can pick one up at the following:

ESC-Toy: $29.99

Tainted Visions: $29.99 (plus 5 other colors)

Soopa Coin-Up Bros. Grades:

Quality: 5/10
Paint: N/A
Packaging: 8/10
Durability: 9/10
Hype: 8/10
Fun Factor: 8/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 7.6/10





Have this figure?  What do you rate it?

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