Rocket World's IWG Astro Krieg Flying Saucer Attack Craft is bound to be one of our favorite UFOs.  Above (and below) is a photo of the unpainted prototype.  The flying saucer will be made available at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

Each spacecraft measures 5.25" wide by 5" tall with landing struts extended.  It includes: an opening bubble canopy, retracting landing struts, raygun holster, and mini human skull trophy carrier.  Each attack craft fits all upcoming Astro Krieg Mini Figures and most of the existing IWG Mini Figures.

The IWG Astro Krieg Flying Saucer Attack Craft will be available in 4 colorways: Covert Space Pirate Black, Classic Galactic Silver, Eco-New World Green and Moon Glow in the Dark.   They will run $49.95 each.


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