The first exhibition at Urbanix Gallery is titled The wall: Know Hope, Klone &
Zero Cents
.  It's a group exhibition of three artists, representing the
immediate expression of urban art: street art, which evolves from the urban
space.  The exhibition will run from June 5th through July 17th.

Know hope, Klone and Zero Cents are three of the most prominent
urban artists in Tel-Aviv.  They have worked in the city for over five years, and their wall
paintings, graffiti and installations decorate the streets. The artists tend to
cooperate in their street work, and they prepared a mutual wall painting
exclusively for Urbanix, decorating the gallery's entrance hall.




Each artist has his own style:

  • Know Hope uses a figure of a knight, with a heart shaped
    hole in his chest.

  • Klone uses colorful fantastic images of heroes and
  • Zero Cents uses images of Christian iconography, combined
    with enigmatic texts written backwards, based on phrases from the bible.

Urbanix Gallery
45 Sheinkin St.
Tel-Aviv Israel

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