Erick Scarecrow and his ESC-Toy label decided to drop a surprise figure on the designer toy scene shortly before NY Comic Con.  While there are often long buildups to the release of figures, nothing really leaked out about the Kissaki (Point of the Blade) vinyl figure until a few days before Comic Con.

The only information we could find out about her is that "She uses her weapon as her art and your body is her canvas."  Interesting…






The figure is packaged in a window-front box.  While there is not much artwork on the front of the box (due to the large window), there is a large drawing of the character on the back.  The piece is secured in the package with a plastic tray on the top and bottom of the figure.





The Figure

The Kissaki rotocast vinyl figure stands approximately 10” tall and has one point of articulation at the neck.  Like most of Erick Scarecrow’s vinyl figures, it has very large feet to make a sturdy base (unless you set it on carpeting). 

The part of the piece that draws in your attention is the pair of swords that are shaped like hands.  You sort of have to make sure they aren’t the arms, but those are located within her black robe.  The swords’ sheath actually looks like a pencil.


Our Opinion

The Kissaki figure reminds us of the Liberty and Old Skool Kaiju figures.  One constant in Erick Scarecrow’s vinyl figures is that they all have large feet.  That’s a plus when it comes to balance.

Some of the paintwork on the front, mainly the tied rope, could have been a little tighter.  One thing I’ve learned is that it’s difficult to get a great line on black vinyl. Well, maybe two things…unless you put a few coats on that black vinyl, it’ll show through the paint.

The figure still is fairly new, and there’s not much info about it.  Will this be a line?  How many pieces in the run? Any colorways?  What about a background story?  We will just have to wait to see.


You can pick one up at the following:

This is supposed to be an ESC-Toy exclusive colorway, so keep an eye on their shop.

Kissaki (Point of the Blade) Grades:

Quality: 7/10
Paint: 7/10
Packaging: 7/10
Durability: 8/10
Hype: 6/10
Fun Factor: 7/10
Value: 7/10
Overall: 7.4/10




Have this figure?  What do you rate it?