latest Zune Arts video podcast takes you behind-the-scenes with
Parisian art director Yves Geleyn during the production of the next
Zune Arts film Mother Like No Other.  Inspired by Mother’s Day, the
film showcases Yves’ innovative use of various fabric, textured papers
and photographs to animate his story.  The podcast features commentary
from Yves where he walks the viewer through his ideas, tools, and
inspiration behind Mother Like No Other (featured below).  He explains that the style
of the film reflects the story narrative, and features a cut-and-paste
look and feel that is reminiscent of an elementary school art project
that one might make for Mom.  Yves
also describes how the music in the film, which features LA-based
duo The Bird and The Bee's track Come As You Were, helps drive the
creative process.

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