Kujira the Whale is the first in a series of toys, from Owl Australia, depicting the brutal acts of humankind.  Each Kujira is handmade from solid high definition polyester resin and comes with a hand carved wooden harpoon.  He's available in three colours to accommodate the most fastidious of mammal lovers and also a limited soft rubber edition, that bounces, kinda floats and is easy on the eyes.

With only a week or so until whaling season ends Kujira can be a keepsake for all those who didn't get their full quota this year, a paper weight for all those important scientific research papers that may get blown away in a storm of controversy or just someting to practice killing in your spare time.  The next in the series to be released relatively soon is Otok the seal. Otok means basking seal in Inuit, he comes with a hefty club and matching head wound.


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