Tinbot (previously known as Tinpod) is a new
generation of iPod cases.  It adds a little flavor while protecting
your iPod.  The TINBOT features original designs from: renowned vinyl toy designers MAD, SKET-ONE and CHRISTOPHER LEE;  DC Comic book master JOCK; urban artists PARRA, KURT KETCHUM and 7SLEEPR.  There will also be a blank white Tinbot for the customizers out there.

The case is made of impact-resistant tin and comes equipped
with a headphone and charging port.  The interior is lined with neoprene
padding to cushion the iPod in case of scrapes, bangs, drops, grinds,
slashes or any other wear and tear that daily life dishes out.  They are compatible with the iPod Video (30GB, 60GB and 80GB) and iPod Classic (80GB and 160GB) and will retail around $29.95.

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