Bob Conge of Plaseebo Custom and Jeremi Rimel of Miscreation Toys exchanged vinyl figures and worked their custom magic on the Plaseebo Mummy and Think-Up.


Jeremi Rimel: "Customizing the Plaseebo Mummy was no easy task but was definitely a
fun project, for someone as myself who creates rather "unusual"
customs, the Legend of Plaseebo Awaken figure is already a true oddity
itself. I wanted to make use of the parts as much as I could so
I crafted the sarcophagus into a wall-mountable shrine that can hold
and display the figure. I also used the sarcophagus to make an
additional wearable head-dress accessory. I did some light sculpting
work to form a more rotting and worm infested version of the
figure. Boney skeletal feet replaced the original legs to have the
mummy stand in the shrine base.


Bob Conge: "My basic concept for customizing Jeremis "Think-Up" was to create
a hypothetical  portrait of the psychopathic pediatrician that
preformed the unspeakable operations on all those poor
unfortunate autopsy babies in the basement of Miscreation Toys. Seeing
this Dr. as a sort of modern day Dr. Frankenstein and his monster
rolled into one, I thought it only appropriate to add some spooky LED
electronics and a glow in the dark brain cover.  While it took a few months to complete, I enjoyed every minute."

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