We have teamed up with Rocket World to run what should be a fun and exciting contest.  Here’s you mission, should you choose to accept it:

Recreate a memorable scene from a movie using Rocket World's Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo characters in place of the actual actors.

You can draw, photograph or photoshop the scene.  We’re giving you tons of leeway…use any type of artistic medium you wish.  We’re just looking for the most interesting and original use of the Rocket World characters.

The contest will run for 2 months, finishing up at 11:59PM EST on January 1st, 2008.  You can email your entries (a limit of 2 per person) to

Prizes are:

    * Custom Combat Mod Squad Septimius with:
          o 1/6th scale TAD Gear FAST pack
          o Hand grenade
          o Pistol
          o Watch
    * Combat Mod Squad Embroidered Patch
    * Sticker
    * Enamel Pin
    * Signed giclee print

Prizes are available to pick up at the Rocket World gallery, or they can be shipped anywhere in the world.  However, the winner must cover shipping costs for anywhere outside of the Continental US.




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