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Think Big at The Hive Gallery


Global Inheritance, the nonprofit instigators of conservation and activism, has teamed with the Hive Gallery for a traveling art show debuting this Saturday February 2nd (from 8PM until 12:30AM).  Think Big is filled with 40 mini recycling bins custom painted by an awesome array of established and up-and coming artists.  Don't take out this trash.  It will be $7 at the door.

Hive Gallery
729 South Spring Street
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Big Month For Crazy Label

February is going to be a big month for Crazy Label.  After months of teasing us with news of upcoming releases, they're set to release a number of new pieces.


The new Baby Treeson line should be a hit with collectors.  They're smaller than the original figure...but more colorful.


They're also expanding the Seamour Sheep family by adding the Uncle Abdul character.


The Putrid Pal line is a 5" tall vinyl figure from Tweedlebop.  We have obvious high hopes for these guys.


And there is a new colorway of the House of Liu vinyl figures.  These are definitely brighter...and a little cuter...for the kids.

Frozen Empire Toys News

Now In Stock at Frozen Empire Toys


Walrus - Upper Playground Edition by Greg Simkins / Ningyoushi $76.00

KFGU - Clear Green Chupacabra by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Pink GID Flatwoods by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Pink GID Mothman by David Horvath / Wonderwall $66.00
KFGU - Glossy Black Magman by Touma / Wonderwall $64.00
Kozik Bomb Twin Pack by Frank Kozik / Toy2R $12.50
8" Blue GID Dr. Bomb by Frank Kozik / Toy2R $48.50
Zoomies - Mini Figure Series by Kidrobot $7.95
4" Mini Munny by Kidrobot $9.95

Coming Very Soon

Samhain Trooper 10 inch Teddy Troup by Ledbetter / Adfunture, The
Wankers 10 inch Teddy Troup by 123Klan / Adfunture, UniPo Series 5:
Speed Demons by Unklbrand, BUKA Series 1 Mini Figures by Adfunture,
Kaniza Series 1 Mini Figues by Toyqube, Original Dr. Destruction by
Muttpop, The Vivisect Playset by Strangeco + Lots More!

Keep an eye on the Frozen Empire Toys website for frequent updates -
Look for a major update this coming weekend with LOTS of new additions

2007 Toy Awards: Best 1/6 Scale Figure – Female

We divided the 1/6th scale* category by gender.  Since we've already chosen our favorite male figure, we're now looking at the female figures.  What are we looking for?  A great sculpt, quality clothing and plenty of accessories.

#5. Wonder Woman TCF from Tonner


While it's not Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman is the spitting image of the classic comic book character.  Would anyone pay for Lynda Carter - circa 2008 - as Wonder Woman?

#4. Ellowyne Wilde Red, White and Very Blue from Wilde Imagination


The Ellowyne Wilde line gives a stylized flair to the normal designer doll.  It's the wide eyes and an oversize head that make the line stand out.

#3. Princess Leia Episode IV from Sideshow


Who doesn't remember the iconic opening scene from Star Wars?  Well, Sideshow recreated the white dress wearing Leia with perfect buns...on her head.

#2. Leia as Boushh from Sideshow


Does this really count?  I mean...we didn't really know that Boushh was a female until she ripped off the helmet to reveal her true self and make out with a frozen Han Solo.  But the figure includes the Leia head sculpt as well as the Boushh helmet.

#1. Mary Jane Watson TCF from Tonner - Winner!!


The Mary Jane figure also won our award for best sculpt...because it looks exactly like Kirsten Dunst.  In case she doesn't want to be in a Spider-Man 4...try using this figure and stop-motion.  Bingo!

*And while Tonner is slightly larger than 1/6 scale (unless humans are
about 8 feet tall), we're including their products in this category.  A 17/72 scale category just doesn't have the same ring to it.

The Saddest Devil…On The Way


The Saddest Devil is on the slow boat from China.  From the Devil's Headquarters, the grey colorway (pictured to the far left) will hit our shores in March or April.  The other 2 versions (blurred for your protection) will be released later in 2008.   They are also planning a small run - about 20 or so pieces - of a design from one of the vinyl scene's  "top customizers".  Keep your eyes open!