Shultz, the designer behind the Compatiballs line has sent the following info about his line of figures:

The Compatiballs are a fun and funny interpretations of the ancient Chinese dual concepts of yin and yang which describe two primal opposing but complementary forces said to be found in all objects and processes in life.

The compatiballs makes you think of relations between two identities, the duality of compatibility and confrontation.  With FroggyBall the union of two crazy Froggies, laughing hysterically, gives birth to a third character, a smiling friendly froggy offering a hug.  They stand for complimenting energies, which when merged give birth to a new outgoing energy.

The Tigerball consists of two roaring tigers fighting for dominance.  When engaged they blend, making it hard to tell where one starts and the other end.  They represent the harmony and codependency of equal opposing forces feeding of each other, which is the driving force of life, our relationships and ourselves.


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