Kid Kustoms, working in conjunction with Wheaty Wheat Studios, has hand picked some of the world’s best hot rod stripers, street artists, illustrators, air brushers, graphic designers and cartoonists to compete for a higher purpose.  The intention is to generate awareness and resources for a number of charitable foundations.

These artists will be tasked with customizing a set of fenders for use on the Kid Kustom's Roddler.  The customs will be placed into three different categories: pin striping, graphic design and artist's choice.

Check out some of the artists who are involved:

Casroc, Mathieu Missaiem, Roger Andrews, Nice Bunny, Alberto Cerriteno, Cat Oshiro, Squinky, Nathan Spoor, Corey Smith, Herb Martinez, Art Himsl, Dave Perewitz, Beej, Darryl Hollenbeck, Joe Iacono, Richard VanOver, MedFed

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