CompatiBalls are the first art toy designed and produced by award winning Israeli artist Shultzo.  The CompatiBall prototypes of FroggyBall and TigerBall first made their debut at the New York Toy Fair in early 2007, and were then unveiled to the public at the New York Comic.   Shultzo is now proud to release a limited edition of 250 pieces (per style) this December through ToyTokyo Distribution.


The design consists of two identical characters, approximately 5” tall, that can be interlocked into a single ball shaped figure, hence the name CompatiBalls. The concept behind the design is one that adds playability and interaction to the piece, allowing for the CompatiBalls to be displayed either as two separate figures or combined as one. CompatiBalls were produced and designed by Shultzo using cutting edge 3-D technology, necessary for the two identical pieces to be combined seamlessly as one. The original digital model was then 3-D printed using Stereolithography into a physical plastic prototype. These limited edition production pieces are made from a high quality poly-resin, and packaged securely in a Styrofoam reinforced box.  They should retail around $75 each.


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