PinkGhost and JET will be presenting JET's solo art show opening at PinkGhost on October 6th from 7PM to 10PM.  The show will run through October 26th.

"Please put away your tray tables and return your seat to it’s upright
position JET is ready for take off. In preparing for a first solo show
at Pink Ghost JET’s busy thinking up a way to reuse the refuse placed
neatly next to the dumpster. Lashing together various bits of plywood
cardboard and copper and coating them with magic Viking blood should
make up the bulk of her new pieces. ANXIETY captures the spirit of the
newest release, a nervous bittersweet illustrative style reminiscent of
classic science fiction pulp. It creeps and crawls but is cozy and soft
like a mold culture grown under a pair of gym socks tucked into the
folds of your favorite blanket. Of course some of the old ghosts of
JET’s street art past will certainly rise up to be recognized
including, Fat Robot, Luchas, Angst ridden teens and others likely to
be affiliated with a circus side show. So if you fancy stickers seen on
the street, like scraps of cardboard and wood with fresh coats of spray
paint or have a soft spot for creepy comic books JET has something in
store for you starting Saturday October 6th @ Pink Ghost. Cupcakes vino
and tunes will accompany this Danish delight."

Pink Ghost
21 West Las Olas Blvd
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

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