Regular Edition (Orange) (600pcs)

Polar Ringo Bear
(Blue) MPH Exclusive (210)

Euro Ringo Bear
(Brown) Artoyz (Europe only, 300 pcs)

Toxic Ringo Bear
(Green) 3D Retro Exclusive (100 pcs)
Lava Ringo Bear (Black) 5 & a Dime Exclusive (60 pcs)

The Vinyl Toy Network Winter Show will take place at the Pasadena Convention Center on Sunday December 2nd (from 10AM through 5:30PM).  The Toxic Ringo will be debut here, with a Joe Ledbetter signing taking place from 10AM until 1:30PM.  50 Toxic Tickets will be placed randomly in the 100 give away bags (given to the first 100 people).  The ticket will guarantee you the ability to purchase one Toxic Ringo Bear from 3DRetro at the VTN event.

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