If you've been living under a rock for the past few days, you probably haven't heard of a little game called Halo 3.  I have a PS3 and Wii, so my video game budget didn't allow me to pick up an XBox360.  But the third and final installment (in this trilogy) is the most anticipated title since E.T. (albeit much better in quality).


Not only is Master Chief ready to protect the world, but he's going to protect your important files as well.  Mimoco has announced a new crossover to produce the first series of
Halo mimobot designer USB flash drives.  Licensed by Microsoft and Bungie Studios,
the Halo mimobot Series 1 will be available in three limited-edition colorways
Master Chief Green (edition of 5,000), Red Spartan and Blue Spartan
(3,000 each).


Halo mimobot Series 1 is now open for pre-orders at www.mimoco.com
and will be released officially at E for All Expo in Los Angeles on October 18th


And as always, the mimobots are loaded with Halo-related content including:  wallpapers, screensavers, and soundBytes™ to unpublished pages from the
Marvel Halo comics, sections from the Halo 3 strategy guide, and excerpts from
the upcoming Halo novel. Additionally, the in-game talk show “This
Spartan Life” has provided Mimoco with an exclusive episode only
available on the Halo mimobot Series 1.

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