Attaboy and Annie Owens have sent their custom pieces for the upcoming Keep-A-Breast Breast Defense Show.  It'll be taking place on October 5th from 5PM to 9PM at the Cases Monica Hotel in St. Augustine, Florida.  The show benefits the Keep-A-Breast Foundation, whose mission is to inform and educate young people about prevention and early detection.

Breast casts have been painted by:
Sarah Emerson, Gabriel Shaffer, Iggy Pop,
PJ Fidler, Kim Gordon, Nash, Scott Ewalt, Derek Hess, R. Land, George Long, KRK Ryden, Tony Rodrigues, Attaboy, Annie Owens, Mark
Mothersbaugh, David Cutter, Ian Chase, Tonya Lee, Mark George, Casey Weldon, Chase, Charlene Lanzel and Mitch O'Connell.

Casa Monica Hotel
95 Cordova Street
St. Augustine, Florida

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