Well, the guys from Plaseebo are back with a new creation.  If you saw our coverage of SDCC, or if you were there, you probably got a glimpse of the The Legend of SUM prototype at the Toy Tokyo booth.  Designed by Bob Conge, the figure measures approximately 8" tall by 8" long.  It resembles a giant scrap heap, and you can make out an adjustable wrench and a tire in there.




Driving home from the local red neck bar one moon lit summer night,
Roy swerves his pick up toward a dark shape that is slowly moving along
side the road. A loud CRACK shatters the darkness as the front tire
breaks the giant snapping turtles' shell in two, right down the center.
The great snapper rolls down the embankment into the stream and Roy's
laughing fades as the truck turns to cross the bridge to his shabby
farm house across the stream.

The turtle, floating belly up is carried downstream to the other
side and is swept into a quiet eddy where he sinks watching the moon
fade from yellow to blood red through the darkening water.

This small pool cut into the bank of the stream was at the back
Roy's property and he used it as his personal dump site. The water
caught in this hole became a terrible toxic soup of motor oil,
fertilizer, broken
toys, bones and entrails of many slaughtered animals, rusty tools and
who knows what else.

Over the next few months, a strange transformation took place in
this evil chowder as it baked in
the summer heat. A creature of revenge, born of cruelty and neglect
slid its way out of the sickening mess one dark September night.

Roy's body was never found, nor could anyone explain the slime trail from the bedroom through the field behind the house.

Over the years that followed, other neglectful farmers vanished on
moonless nights and folks reported vague sightings of a creature that
seamed to be cobbled together from a collection of garbage, an old
doll, bone, rotted skin, and broken tools, with a large snapping turtle
skull for a head. They call him "SUM".

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